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Hi this is a wiki about the game that Happy Monsterwheel from World of Cars Online tried to make because World of Cars Online closed down because they weren't making enough money so everyone was disappointed so Happy Monsterwheel tried to make it but Norton has blocked it and now everyone has to play World of Cars Online on Roblox. Seterawaros is making another World of Cars 2 Online.

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The World of Cars 2 Online is a game that is going to open in 2012 and the founder is going to be seterawaros and he is trying to make it enjoyable to all players.

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The Death and Re-birth of World of Cars Online

World of Cars 2 Online was closed by Norton but seterawaros is going to make another one and hopefully Norton doesn't block it again. It is going to take a few months, possibly a year to make a new one and it will be called World of Cars 2 Online again. So keep your fingers crossed.